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Patients and donors are at the heart of everything we do.  Your stories are a powerful testament to human strength, courage, vulnerability, and hope.

Your stories inspire others and bring awareness to the lifesaving work undertaken by the highly skilled personnel onboard the Aerocool Rescue Helicopter, who are saving lives every day.

If you have experienced our service or held a fundraising event or activity for your rescue helicopter, we’d love for you to share it with us. Click here to share your story.

The long road to recovery
Your support enabled Craig to get the urgent medical treatment he needed – fast.
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Fuel explosion at petrol station
Your support helped Adrian receive treatment, fast!The prospect of a weekend’s fishing trip to Mayor Island with friends was over in a flash for Adrian Gidlow – the flash of a sudden fuel explosion.
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Phil Rodger’s heart-stopping weekend
A relaxing break turned into a heart-stopping weekend for Phil Rodgers and because of your donations, he has a second chance.
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A fiery car crash
With a passion for motor sport cars spanning 40 years, Dave had only had one serious accident.
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A brush with a bee
Murray Bartz is grateful for your annual Friend contributions, after a brush with a bee on Boxing Day left him struggling just to take a breath.
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Paul's Story
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Everyday People, Extraordinary Outcomes
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Ciara's Story
TECT helping tect rescue helicopter save lives
TECT helping the TECT Rescue Helicopter save lives
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Wherever you play, accidents can happen