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An urgent flight saved Murray Gough

Murray’s desperate plight led to an urgent flight, life-saving surgery and a miraculous recovery

Murray Gough is a medical miracle with an amazing story of survival to share.

“One Queen’s Birthday weekend, during renovations to the house, I hit one of the tiles quite hard. All of a sudden there was a searing pain in the side of my head which was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, ” began Murray.

His wife only had to take one look at him to see something was desperately wrong. Murray had suffered a catastrophic Grade 5 brain aneurism.

“A whole sequence fell into place that day,” he said.  “An ambulance was only six minutes away, they knew exactly what they were dealing with when they saw me and radioed for the rescue helicopter’s urgent assistance, the ambulance sped to Tauranga Hospital and I was flown to Waikato Hospital.”

Murray’s wife was soon faced with the agonising decision to sign the papers to remove the life support he was on.

Murray inexplicably not only survived, but also recovered to live a completely normal life.  The journey for his family has been a long one, but the recovery, incredible.

“The whole experience was worse for my family than it was for me; they had to help me through a long six months of recovery.”

“Imagine if there wasn’t such a thing as a rescue helicopter.  Well, I am in no doubt that I would have been stuffed completely.”

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