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Arborist injured in Taharua

The Trustpower TECT Rescue Helicopter was called on the 10 of October at 11am to Taharua where arborists were trimming a trees.

A worker was injured when one of the branches came down and hit them on the head.

The worker was wearing a hard hat but he suffered head and neck injuries that required immediate hospital care.
He was stabilised at the scene by paramedics before being flown to Waikato Hospital
Later that evening, around 9pm, the helicopter was once again dispatched to transfer a 42 year old female with pregnancy difficulties from Tauranga Hospital to Waikato hospital. The flight was conducted using night vision goggles.

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But the cost of this is huge. Philips Search & Rescue Trust’s rescue helicopters do not receive any funding from the New Zealand Government. Your local rescue helicopter does have contracts with ACC, DHB and New Zealand Police, but this only covers 47% of the operating costs. This means 53% of this must come from the community.

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