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Man and his dogs survive deadly fall

A man and his dogs have survived a potentially deadly fall down a steep ravine near the Papamanuka Stream, next to Whakapapa intake road off State Highway 47.

It happened on September 14, around 6.00pm, when he was out hunting with his three dogs. He was located by his friends during the night, who were able to lower some warm clothing to him.

At first light the Greenlea Rescue Helicopter dispatched to the scene was able to hoist him and one of the dogs to safety, with the assistance of national park police and Land SAR.

“To give some reference to the height this man fell, we had to use over 100 feet of hoist cable to reach him,” said Pilot Nat Every. “Once the man was on the hoist, the helicopter crew static lined him out of the ravine, and held him at a low height over a scrubby clearing while the hoist cable was wound in. Effectively holding him about ten foot in the air as the helicopter lowered itself down to him as the cable rewound.”

It is believed the other two dogs who were to be retrieved yesterday

Other than a cold night out, following his big fall, the man was otherwise uninjured.

man and his dogs

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