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Patient Stories

Your support saved Henry’s life

Henry had been feeling unwell for a few of days after an intense headache. He then became so unwell he was unable to walk and fell onto the floor after crawling out of bed. His friends were unable to get him to the car so they called the ambulance. What came next was an emergency flight to Waikato Hospital.

Your support played a vital part in Shelley’s rescue

“I don’t think I’m afraid to fly in a helicopter now. I’d quite like to go again – but on a nice enjoyable trip, not an emergency!”
The reason for Shelley’s enthusiasm for helicopters is clear.

Alistair owes you his life

When Alistair Blennerhasset felt a strange sensation in his chest, he immediately called an ambulance. But Alistair wasn’t having a heart attack.

We Need You

Community generosity powers Philips Search and Rescue Trust. The aircraft fleet and life-saving search and rescue feats performed by our crew could not be possible without the ongoing financial support of our Friends members, communities, sponsors and partners.

Collectively, funds generated through the community and sponsorship cover half of the annual expenses required to operate our rescue helicopters in each region; without this extremely generous contribution our life-saving service would not exist.

There are a variety of ways to support our critical search and rescue service, to learn about your options, check out our get involved page

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