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Patient Stories

Why your gift matters so much

Saying “see you later,” to fellow gym goers, Gary Cassidy finished his workout, got into his car and headed, not for home, but for Whakatane Hospital.  He knew something was wrong but no one else was any the wiser. 

On entering hospital, Gary grabbed his chest and collapsed on the floor of ED. 

Thank you for coming to Pam’s rescue!

A simple and enjoyable horse ride on a local beach with friends couldn’t possible go wrong…could it? 

Pam and her friends were enjoying riding their horses on Te Horo Beach, when a man walked over the sand dunes towards them wearing a large floppy hat.   There was nothing noticeably unusual about that but Pam’s normally placid horse didn’t like the look of the gentleman’s summer accessory and became spooked. 

Thank you for making this mission possible

Imagine yourself feeling uncharacteristically off-colour, wanting to see a doctor, but having to navigate social distance protocols and covid screening at the emergency centre. 

This was Phil Bowyer’s experience when he almost collapsed at home after a shower.  

Slip of the foot ruins everything

“A gloriously beautiful day,” is how Fay Selby-Law describes her climb up Tauhara Mountain. 

After drinking in ‘amazing views,’ Fay and her daughter, Mihi, took a literal drink in a little stream during descent.  One slip on a steep gradient was all it took, and the gloriously beautiful day disintegrated in a spit second. 

Rescue helicopter a welcome sight

April 4th started as another ordinary day in extraordinary lockdown on the Shearer family’s King Country property. Craig Shearer, a helicopter contractor, and his children Helena and Oliver were outside enjoying the weather and isolated freedom on their 3 acre block.

We Need You

Your support ensures rescue helicopters are available to your community.
Your rescue helicopter can be airborne in 10 minutes and, in a life or death situation, this speed and agility can make all the difference. The timely assistance that rescue helicopters provide can reduce disability and improve survival – the sooner treatment begins, the greater chance of patient recovery.

We are partially funded by a government contract with National Ambulance Sector Office (NASO). We rely heavily on the generosity of sponsors and the community to help fund the shortfall that allows us to be rescue ready 24/7, 365 days of the year. This crucial financial support ensures our rescue helicopter can continue to bring life-saving equipment, rescue personnel, and intensive care paramedics directly to the patient.

Without your support, your rescue helicopter would not be able to remain operational on a 24/7, 365 day a year basis. This could mean a serious delay in people being rescued or transported to hospital for urgent treatment.

Support your rescue helicopter and make a lifesaving difference.

Saving Lives, Together.

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