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Search for injured tramper in Ruahine Ranges

The Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter was dispatched on Tuesday 10 July at 3 pm, to the Coppermine Track in the Ruahine Range to locate and recover an injured tramper.

The man was located, along with the rest of his tramping group in a closed canopy. The group used a flashing torch and waved their light clothing to signal the rescue helicopter.

A paramedic was winched down to the injured man, who was unable to walk due to his injuries.  He was then treated and stablised in preparation to be winched back up to the waiting rescue helicopter. 

The Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter Rescue Hoist and Bauman Screamer Suit were used to recover the paramedic and injured man into the rescue helicopter, before transporting him back to Palmerston North Hosptial for further assessment. 

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But the cost of this is huge. Philips Search & Rescue Trust’s rescue helicopters do not receive any funding from the New Zealand Government. Your local rescue helicopter does have contracts with ACC, DHB and New Zealand Police, but this only covers 47% of the operating costs. This means 53% of this must come from the community.

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