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The Maisey Group extend commitment to rescue helicopter

Long-standing supporter of the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter, The Maisey Group have shown enduring dedication to their region’s life-saving service by extending their regular annual sponsorship of $15,000 to a three-year term.

Loyal Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter sponsors since 2005, The Maisey Group is a group of companies based in Hamilton. Founded in 1946, they employ over 130 staff across NZ and Australia and have interests in companies involved in Plastic Injection Moulding, Plastic Extrusion, Blow Moulding, Retail Plastics, Wheel Manufacture, Powder Coating, Precision Metal Components and Farming.

The Maisey Group’s sponsor relationship with the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter spans 15 years. The company’s Directors, John and Robyn Maisey, aligned with the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter because they felt it was important to support this vital Waikato community service, knowing the importance of the Rescue Helicopter to their region.

John shares, “We see it as our commitment to the community well-being, not only the Waikato region, but nationally too, as New Zealanders pass through our district.  We wanted to do something significant for a community that has been good to us”.

For several years, The Maisey Group have held their own fundraising event, an annual Golf Day held in September. Suppliers and clients join the Maisey Group team for a day of golf and networking. The event includes a popular charity auction featuring rescue helicopter merchandise and the opportunity to meet with pilots and crew at their Waikato hospital based hangar. Although established well prior, during the past five years the event has raised in excess of $18,000 for the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter. The generous donations received through the annual Golf Day are over and above The Maisey Group’s ongoing sponsorship commitment.

The Maisey Group’s sponsorship of $45,000 distributed over the three-year term is a welcome relief to the rescue and fundraising crew behind the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Due to rising costs and safety measures inflicted by COVID-19, meeting increased expenses to operate rescue helicopters in Philips Search and Rescue Trust’s four Central North Island regions continues to be a challenge.

Group Manager, Vanessa Richmond says, “We are so thankful for The Maisey Group’s ongoing and loyal support. Without the generosity of sponsors such as The Maisey Group we would not be able to be there for our community 24/7, 365 days a year.”

The reassurance of a three-year contribution by The Maisey Group means the region Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter serves can continue to receive the support of a 24/7 life-saving air rescue service.


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Your rescue helicopter can be airborne in 10 minutes and, in a life or death situation, this speed and agility can make all the difference. The timely assistance that rescue helicopters provide can reduce disability and improve survival – the sooner treatment begins, the greater chance of patient recovery.

We are partially funded by a government contract with National Ambulance Sector Office (NASO). We rely heavily on the generosity of sponsors and the community to help fund the shortfall that allows us to be rescue ready 24/7, 365 days of the year. This crucial financial support ensures our rescue helicopter can continue to bring life-saving equipment, rescue personnel, and intensive care paramedics directly to the patient.

Without your support, your rescue helicopter would not be able to remain operational on a 24/7, 365 day a year basis. This could mean a serious delay in people being rescued or transported to hospital for urgent treatment.

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