Your Support Saves Lives Like Lou's


A fit and active couple, Keith and Lou Roebuck had travelled to Tokoroa in their motorhome to attend the Timber Town Romp.

"On the night of October 31st 2020, we went to a bar to watch the All Blacks play Australia. It was a really wet night and as we walked back to our motorhome parked at the local sports ground, we were hit by a car on the pedestrian crossing.  Unfortunately and tragically, Keith was killed."

Lou was taken via ambulance to the Tokoroa Emergency Department. Her injuries were extensive and life threatening, with staff resuscitating her on arrival. Time was critical for Lou's survival so she was quickly transferred by the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter to Waikato Hospital's ICU. She still has faint memories of the sound of the helicopter. 

Loud spent a month at Waikato Hospital and another three and a half months back at her local hospital.

"At first, I was told I may not walk again. I still require further surgery to both ankles and legs, but I am managing a 4km walk. I have just had a reverse shoulder reconstruction and even though I face another 18 months of surgery and recovery, thanks to the helicopter crew, I am alive."

Five of Keith and Lou's children live close to Lou, with the sixth living in Australia. "Our six children, grief stricken at losing their father, haven't had to endure losing two parents. Our 10 grandchildren still have their grandmother. I am eternally grateful for their interventions that kept me alive that night."

Keith is never far from Lou's mind. He always supported the rescue helicopter annually, never realising it would one day save Lou's life. "The service the rescue helicopter provides knows no boundaries, saving all, no matter where or who you are."

"After the court case, the driver that hit us on the crossing paid $5,000 to me as emotional harm. This won't bring Keith back, or help my recovery. I have donated this money to the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter so it may go towards keeping the service going. None of us know when we will require urgent care. It was very clear without your input I would not have survived."

Lou is forever thankful, and encourages everyone to donate to their rescue helicopter knowing that one day, should you need it, with your donation it will be there.

"I often think of the incredible crew and what they must have faced that night. Without them, I would not be here. I am so incredibly grateful for their expertise. They have made such a difference to my outcome." - Lou