Your support gave Tammy her time-critical flight 


After a nasty collision with another player, medics knew time was critical, Tammy needed an urgent flight to hospital. 

During a football game in April 2022, Tammy was playing in goal for her local Football Club when an opposition player came running towards her attempting to score.  Tammy dove to stop them and collided with the player, taking a knee to the base of her spine.

Laying injured and unable to move on the pitch, Tammy couldn’t feel anything from her waist down.  Her teammates kept her warm while they waited for the ambulance to arrive. 

When the paramedics reached the scene, they quickly realised that with Tammy’s spinal injury, time was critical and transporting her to hospital by rescue helicopter was the safest option. 

Only minutes after being tasked, the TECT Rescue Helicopter landed on the pitch, and Critical Care Flight Paramedic Tony was at Tammy’s side. 

Tony worked quickly to stabilise her, knowing that any delays in getting her to specialist care could impact the outcome of her injury. 

Tammy says she doesn’t remember much of the 25-minute flight to Waikato Hospital but does remember hearing the helicopter landing on the pitch, and the caring crew that was there for her that day.   

She spent five days in hospital, suffering from damage to part of her spinal cord. Thankfully, feeling slowly began to return to her hips and legs.  

Three months on, diagnosed with functional neurological disorder as a result of the accident, Tammy still has no feeling in her feet, but with twice weekly physio to retrain her brain to learn to walk again, the determined goalie is on track to make a full recovery. 

Tammy speaks very highly of the TECT Rescue Helicopter crew and is certain that if she had travelled to Waikato Hospital by road her outcome would have been very different. 

Tammy’s flight was only possible because of amazing donors like you, thank you! Tammy and her family are so thankful to all donors who contribute to their community’s rescue helicopter. Know that your donation makes a difference to the outcomes of people’s lives every day!